Our Water Rights are in jeopardy. The water beneath us is in danger. We are all affected by commercial water mining. This site is designed for you to take action and learn the facts.

4 things YOU CAN DO TODAY:

Comment by June 25th:

1.) Email your comment or contest the permit by June 25th, 2018 to: bseacd@bseacd.org

Here’s an overview of the permit: https://tespatexas.org/ep-permit

Register your well:

2.) Register your well. Why? The more wells registered the more ammunition we have against EP when our wells are drawn down! Go here to register: www.surveymonkey.com

Contest the permit before June 25th:

3.) If you are a landowner who's well will be impacted by EP's request, join the effort to contest the permit.

Email tespatex@gmail.com with your address and phone number.

Donate now!

4.) DONATE to Invest in your water rights with TESPA who is fighting this water grab.

Go here: https://tespatexas.org/donate

This is the 2 mile drawdown map:

This map only shows the immediate impact area. If you live outside of this area YOU COULD BE AFFECTED. As this contract is for 30 years.


Stories from the EP zone

Groundwater Legal Defense ~ Hill Country Jamboree July 22nd

For anyone concerned about groundwater in Central Texas and the unjust, insensible, and profit-driven pumping schemes that threaten not only our private wells, but also our local springs, creeks, and rivers - it is easy to feel overwhelmed with anger and despair. Yet, there is real hope that our community can protect our groundwater by building a unified non-partisan front based on education, public awareness, and importantly, a well funded legal defense team....oh, and throwing super fantastic shin-dig-jubilees - even in the face of impending doom!

This is where The Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA) comes into play.

The mission of The TESPA is to protect the Trinity and Edwards aquifers from overpumping, the springs that flow from this interconnected system, and the property rights of landowners who depend on and wish to conserve this precious natural resource.

TESPA is a group of highly experienced environmental attorneys working at reduced rates and/or donating their time to help us protect our waters through legislative and legal avenues. They vigilantly track the legal proceedings concerning groundwater use and permitting, help us interpret this information so we can respond appropriately, and represent the people's interests in court. They are currently preparing to contest the proposed ElectroPurification permit with BSEACD, which is an extremely needed yet expensive processes.

Learn more about TESPA at https://tespatexas.org


Sunday, July 22nd 4pm - 8pm (ish)

4:00 - 4:45 - Band 1 (TBA)

4:45 - 5:15 - Information/ TESPA Presentation

5:15 - 6:00 - Band 2 (TBA)

6:00 - 6:45 - Live Auction / Silent auction Closes

7:00 - 8:00pm - Band 3 (TBA)

The good folks are Vintage Oaks Farm have offered to host this event in support of TESPA! The venue is at the front of Rolling Oaks Subdivision with the 400ft drawdown zone of the EP well fields.

400 Limestone Lane, Driftwood, TX 78619


What you need to know:


As the population in Central Texas continues to grow, water suppliers are searching for new sources of water, and the Trinity Aquifer is a target. Although groundwater pumping from the aquifer is already occurring at an unsustainable rate, more groundwater development projects are in the works. Current groundwater law facilitates the mining of our aquifers and elevates groundwater development over groundwater protection. TESPA is taking legal action and advocating for policy changes to ensure that groundwater in Texas is sustainably managed and landowners' property rights are protected.

Source provided by: tespatexas.org/


WVWA’s vision is for a future with clean, plentiful water owing from Jacob’s Well into Cypress Creek, a healthy ecosystem essential to the culture and economy of the Wimberley Valley.

Source provided by: www.wimberleywatershed.org/


Here's the contact info for Secret Water Warrior Society:

Louie Bond

Secret Water Warrior Society Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/group

email: secretwaterwarriorsociety@gmail.com

Please read this excellent guest editorial by water warrior Patrick Cox, who fought with us from the beginning in 2015. His eloquent words and balanced reasoning about possible improvements to the permit are excellent. https://haysfreepress.com


Many of the residential wells are threatened by a private company from Houston called Electro Purification. This site has great history.

Source provided by: saveourwells.com

It's our water. It's our right.


Save Our Wells:




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