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Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Assocation (TESPA)

As the population in Central Texas continues to grow, water suppliers are searching for new sources of water, and the Trinity Aquifer is a target. Although groundwater pumping from the aquifer is already occurring at an unsustainable rate, more groundwater development projects are in the works. Current groundwater law facilitates the mining of our aquifers and elevates groundwater development over groundwater protection. TESPA is taking legal action and advocating for policy changes to ensure that groundwater in Texas is sustainably managed and landowners' property rights are protected.

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The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

WVWA’s vision is for a future with clean, plentiful water flowing from Jacob’s Well into Cypress Creek, a healthy ecosystem essential to the culture and economy of the Wimberley Valley.

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Secret Water Warrior Society

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Please read this excellent guest editorial by water warrior Patrick Cox, who fought with us from the beginning in 2015. His eloquent words and balanced reasoning about possible improvements to the permit are excellent.


St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Being good stewards of our people and our natural resources, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church advocates responsible use of our groundwater and protection for our aquifers, springs and surface water.

Please refer to our statement to the BSEACD on the EP pumping permit.

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Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance


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Friends of Blue Hole


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